How To Face Paint For Childrens Birthday Parties

Learning how to face paint for childrens birthday parties is far less difficult than writing a check to a professional face painting artist. Now, don’t get me wrong.  Professional face painters possess unbelievable talents.  I could look at their work all day long and wonder how they can create such beautiful, such precise images on a face.Easy Face Painting

If you can paint by numbers, you can learn how to face paint darling cheek art designs for your childrens birthday parties.  Cheek art face painting is simply painting small, fairly uncomplicated designs that will excite a three, four, five, six or seven year old.

Here are Seven Keys to Learning How to Face Paint For Children`s Birthday Parties:

1.    Use the proper paints.  It is imperative to select and use only FDA-compliant, water-based, face paints.  Acrylic, tempera, oil or craft paints are not specifically made for use on the skin and therefore, can cause skin sensitivity or even allergic reactions.

2.    If you’ve never face painted before, select only 7-10 different face painting designs to offer the children.  Practice those designs first on paper, then on skin until you are comfortable.  If you don’t have a willing subject, use your hand, arm or leg to practice on.

3.    Set up your face painting work area so you have everything you need at an arm’s reach.  Protect your table with a festive tablecloth.  Have at least two cups or bowls of clean water to rinse your brushes out.  Have a mirror on hand to show the children their masterpiece. Paint the designs that you will offer on poster board and post near your table so the children can choose their favorite.

4.    If the party has a theme such as Pirates or Princesses, be sure to learn a few designs that correlate with the party theme.

5.    Have a great and cheerful attitude. Be patient.  If the children are young, they may be fidgety or nervous.  Speak quietly to them and stay calm as you are painting.

6.    Don’t paint on skin that has rashes or abrasions.  If you find a child whose face has a condition, offer to paint on their arm instead.

7.    Have Fun.  After all, this is face painting!  Children are extremely forgiving.  They will love the attention and they love the face painting design that you paint.


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