How To Hire For Your Kids Face Painting Event

Before you hire an artist for kids face painting, there are some precautions you may want to consider.

As with anything that involves your children, especially face painting, you’ll always want to error on the side of caution to ensure the safety of your children as well as others.  If things go wrong, it is usually brought on by unprofessional artists who do not follow proper steps when doing kids face painting.How To Hire For Your Kids Face Painting Event

Here are some tips of how to correctly select artists to hold your kids face painting events.

Before you make the decision to hire a professional face painter for a kids’ face painting event, try to good to get  a understanding of the artist’s personality and work ethic.

A face painter’s attitude and patience can make or break an event. Obviously, being cheerful, patient and a fast painter are some of the keys to a successful event.

Here’s A Few Questions To Ask Prospective Face Painters:

1.  Ask for a list of events where they have appeared.
2.  Ask if they have a list of referrals that you can call.
3.  Ask how they handle unsure children, overbearing parents or overly-enthusiastic kids.
4.  Ask to see their website or portfolio of work
5.  Ask how many children they can paint in an hour
6.  Ask how they get paid (50% deposit/50% at the event is customary)
7.  Ask if they bring all the equipment and supplies (or if you need to supply anything)
8.  Ask what kind of face paints they use

When hiring a face painter for your kids face painting event, it is crucial that he or she uses the appropriate tools and paints.  A quality, professional face painter should ONLY be using FDA-compliant, authentic face paints.  That is face paints that are specifically created for use on skin.

A face painter who uses acrylic, tempera or other forms of craft paints is taking the risk of allergic reaction from children who have sensitive skin.

Also ask what other kinds of activities the face painter can do, like glitter tattoos, temporary tattoos or airbrush services.  You may not choose all of these for your event, but it will offer you some options.

Always make sure that you also get a firm agreement that is legal and signed and keep a copy of this agreement.

By following these simple tips you will hire a professional face painter that will make your kids face painting event a success.

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