Face Painting for Profit Review Start Your Own Face Painting Business

Easy Face Painting for Profit Review

Easy Face Painting For Profit

Let me tell you, I’ve spent a lot of time looking for the perfect business over the years and have gotten a lot of advice from people who SAY they know what they’re talking about.

So when I started reading the e-guide on how to start your own business by doing face painting, I was more than a little skeptical of yet another business idea.

First of all, I was thinking that even though I’m interested in learning more about doing a little face painting for parties and the like, I couldn’t see how you could turn this ‘hobby’ into a real business and make some real money with it.Easy Face Painting For Profit

Now I see that face painting can be a real business venture.

The publisher has put together a great eGuide with solid information for anyone thinking about starting a business where fun and happiness are the main objectives.

There’s an audio interview included with the e-guide where a mom, who is also a highly successful professional face painter, talks about “a day in the life” of her business as well as the highlights and yes, even the low lights of having your own face painting business.


What’s included in “Face Painting For Profit”:

  1.  Self-quiz to determine if the face-painting business is perfect for you.
  2.  Some characteristics you should have.
  3.  How to treat it like a real business and start with a solid foundation.
  4.  What tools and equipment you will need.
  5.  How to create a plan.
  6.  Where to find events and what to charge.
  7.  Marketing tools and techniques.
  8.  Information on setting up as a real business.
  9.  Ways to build and expand your business.
  10.  Tips to do and things to avoid doing.


One thing I really love about this guide is how it’s broken up into easy-to-read sections.  It isn’t this huge manual you have to get through before you actually get to doing something.  It doesn’t contain a lot of useless theory or fluff, just real information to get you moving in the right direction.

The only place I think it could be improved upon is having some more photos or examples of things suggested.

In the appendix section, there is a great checklist that I didn’t even notice at first. It lists everything you need for setting up your business, getting the supplies and items to bring to an event.

Altogether for a great price, you get a step-by-step e-guide, the audio interview, a sample cheek art designs guide, a talent release form and a booking form.

The funny thing about this report is it’s hard NOT to picture yourself at festivals, fairs, craft shows and all kinds of events doing face painting.  The guide just lays it out so well that even someone who’s never considered this as a business will be seriously doing so once they’re through.


Take a look for yourself, you’ll see what I mean:

Start Face Painting Today With
Easy-To-Follow Instructions And
Photos Of Over 50 Step-By-Step
Simple Face Painting Designs

Just For Beginners.

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Easy Face Painting For Profit