Easy Ideas For Face Painting Fun

Face and body painting has been a part of many cultures throughout history. Among the many reasons that some specific face painting designs were used was for ceremonial purposes, when engaging in war, for use by jesters, and many more. There are professional face painters today that create many different designs. Face painting designs are works of art. Designs can be simple to very complex creations. With a little practice, you too can create your own designs.

Choosing a Face Painting Design

Choosing face painting designs can be a difficult decision when first starting out. Choose a design that is simple and uses only a few basic colors when starting out. As you gain experience in using the face as a canvas, you can gradually increase the complexity of your designs. You may want to sketch the design on paper prior to painting. To get ideas for use in your designs, search the Internet, look at books of simple art, and just look around. Once you start, there will be no stopping the flow of design ideas. An example is using leaves in fall as a color palate to create a “fall” of leaves on the face.


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Supplies Needed for Face Painting Designs

Choose face paints that are specifically formulated for face painting and FDA compliant for cosmetic use. If you are a beginner, start with a few basic colors and gradually add to your supply. Most face paint manufacturers offer a basic color palette. These palettes allow you to mix paints to achieve a desired color or shade as well as creating a gradient effect.

It is very important to have the right brushes for this type of artwork. Be sure the brushes are soft and work well on skin. Try them on your arm to see how they feel. As you begin, start with three brushes; one small thin bristle for fine details, a round point thicker brush for bolder strokes, and a wider bristle brush for filling in areas. You may also want another brush for blending. As you practice, you will get a feel for the brush types you prefer. Cosmetic sponges are perfect for covering large areas of the face with a base coat of color. You can cut these for ease of use. Small bowls for water and baby wipes are needed for cleaning.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different face painting designs. Even something as simple as lines and dots can be beautiful. Remember, it all cleans up with soap and water. Open your creative heart and mind to a rainbow of possibilities through face painting.

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