Easy Face Painting Designs (includes Halloween Ideas!)

How To Create Your Own Designs!

Face painting, whether it’s at a birthday party, for Halloween or for another event is always a  winner with kids of all ages.  If you’ve never face painted before, finding Simple Face Painting Designs that you can master quickly and easily may seem like an impossible task.

A simple face painting design is nothing more than an entire design broken down into steps.  It’s easy to look at a beautifully painted face and think “There’s no way I can do that.”  But when broken down into simple steps, the whole thing comes together in the end and you’ll being saying “I can’t believe I did that!”easy face painting

Many kids crafts books will have at least a small section with a face painting pattern of some sort.  The more complicated face patterns will come in handy when you need the step-by-step directions.  Good directions will keep it simple, showing individual photos of each layer as it is applied.

Halloween is probably one of the most popular times to paint faces, especially for full face painting.  The choices are never-ending:

Vampires, pirates, clowns, witches, bears, ghosts, pirates, genies, princesses, bumble bees and bunnies.  My kids had their Fall Festival at their school last week and every second grade girl was running around with their entire face painted like a jack-o-lantern.  It’s a super simple face painting idea!

Just paint the circumference of the face in orange.  Let dry for a minute or two.  Paint black triangles around the eyes, an upside down triangle around the nose and a jagged smile around the mouth.  Simple and fun!

Many parents just can’t afford the costumes or simply don’t want to invest in somethingEasy Pumpkin Painting that will be outgrown before the next year’s event.  This makes face painting a great choice.  You can paint the right face and pull together some of your own clothes to make it work!  I listed some easy Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas on my blog at Easy Pumpkin Painting.

A bunny face is a simple face painting pattern to follow.  The most prominent feature would be the buck teeth, followed by the whiskers.  If you want a mouse pattern, just use a dot of paint to accent the nose.  Place tiny dots on each side of the top lip, apply whiskers coming away from the dots towards each cheek area and bright pink cheeks.

Here are some additional examples of simple face painting ideas.  Full face painting is great for Halloween, but sometimes, for other events, a small cheek art design has just as much impact.

Of course, if you’re not inclined to create your own Simple Face Painting Ideas, take a risk-free try of  Easy Face Painting.  We’ve done all the hard work for you.  With over 50 designs (including full-face Halloween designs!) broken down into an easy-to-follow step-by-step format, there are sure to be simple face painting designs perfect for your event.  You can see a step-by-step example here in our article about Free Face Painting Ideas.


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